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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving | Giving Thanks

This year, as we give thanks for family, friends, faith and our great nation, we reflect on the 50-year legacy of President John F. Kennedy who embodied our nation’s youthfulness, strength, resiliency and commitment to  freedom. In fact, my personal and professional life were deeply impacted by JFK. When I was just 7 and 8 years old, JFK held regular public service announcements on TV, advocating physical activity and encouraging Americans to become more fit through the President’s Council on Sports and Fitness (PCPFS). When JFK encouraged Americans to get up and move, I recall running outside to do jumping jacks on our patio while watching the ad continue through the glass doors. I recognized then the importance of physical activity and this has helped to inspire me all my life. This strong message has resonated through my life and helped to guide my career. Today, I advocate for exercise in my diet counseling . Little did I know as an 8-year old, that I would later serve for 5 years as a liaison to the President’s Council on Sports & Fitness , representing the American Dietetic Association through its specialty group of sports, cardiovascular and wellness nutritionists.

This Thanksgiving holiday, I’m thankful for the inspiration you, my clients and readers, as well as my family and colleagues, continue to give me.  I hope my blogs help to inspire you, and will help you inspire others to lead a healthy life.

Who has inspired you and why are you thankful? What a  great day to reflect on those who influenced you and on those you can inspire as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers!